On Tuesday, we told you about CNN’s Sally Kohn. She’s a total weirdo and decided to defend Sharia law on Twitter. Even though, under Sharia law, she’d be thrown off a rooftop for being gay.


Why would CNN ever hire her, you ask? Because they feel the same way! CNN published an article describing the basics of “Sharia law.” You know. To clear up all the “anti-Muslim bigotry” floating around out there.

CNN described Sharia as a “set of principles that govern the moral and religious lives of Muslims.” Aw. That sounds nice, right?

Sharia is based on Islam’s holy book, the Quran, and the life of prophet Mohammed. The majority of it concerns the faith of the individual and how to practice Islam, along with guidance on when to pray and how to fast during Ramadan.


Sharia law, according to Muslims, includes “the principle of treating other people justly, of making sure that the financial system treats people fairly … and most importantly the basic principles of Islamic fate,” says Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman.

Sharia’s all about the principles of “treating other people justly.” They actually quoted a guy who said that. With a straight face.

CNN also wants you to know that you can interpret Sharia in different ways.

Terror groups such as ISIS are trying to implement a brutal version of Sharia law, but millions of Muslims are guided by a much more moderate interpretation.

Wait, there’s more. They were basically all “Yeah, you can have your hands cut off for stealing and women are treated like crap under Sharia, but it also governs prayer, which totally makes it OK!”

I’m not even exaggerating. There was a “but.”

Some of its harsher versions can demand women clad in all black, adulterers being stoned and thieves getting their hands cut off. But Sharia governs many other areas of Muslim life, such as prayer. And many Muslims, turning to Sharia for moral guidance, have more moderate and varied interpretations.

No. There’s no “but” about Sharia law. There’s no “moderate” version. It is what it is. You can be killed for criticizing the Quran, Muhammad or Allah or leaving the religion. Homosexuality is punishable by death. A man can have multiple wives and consummate a marriage with a girl as young as 9. Women are treated like garbage. They can’t speak to another man without a male family member present. They can’t drive cars. They’re beaten into submission. They can’t testify against their own rapist. A woman’s testimony in court counts as half of a man’s. Muslims are permitted to lie to advance the will of Allah. Nothing about that is “moderate.”

Sharia law is anti-freedom, period. It’s completely incompatible with American values.

Leave it to CNN to put a positive spin on something as oppressive as Islamic law