Baton Rouge, Louisiana was making headlines last month, when Barack Obama, Black Lives Matter, and the liberal mainstream media used the justified police shooting of Alton Sterling to further a false narrative and create division. Because the same area is now suffering historic floods but receiving little attention, Obama just got an infuriating surprise, and there’s no doubt that he doesn’t want anyone to see it.

This isn’t the first time Louisianians have found themselves the victims of unimaginable disaster and flooding. Hurricane Katrina devastated the state in 2005, and it hasn’t been forgotten. What’s also easy to remember for many is the reaction of then-President George W Bush, which is much different than what the state is seeing now from our current president.

Since Obama can’t be bothered with Louisiana, someone decided to bring the flood waters to him in the form of a video that shows his true character. Clearly depicting the stark contrast between GW Bush and Obama, the footage tells the tale of two presidents who were faced with catastrophic Louisiana flooding during their term.

Titled “A Tale Of Two Presidents” and posted to YouTube by user theronniebuss, the clip is captioned, “In 2005, Louisiana was hit with epic flooding from Katrina. Now, in 2016, Louisiana is once again hit with flooding from epic rains. This is the Tale of Two Presidents and how they reacted to the flooding on their watch.”

While much can be said, both good and bad, about the legacy of former President George W Bush, the video perfectly sums up the major differences between the two disasters in Louisiana and how they were each handled by the president at the time of their devastation.

In response to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, Bush went down to Louisiana and comforted those who were suffering in the wake of the natural disaster. The compassion seen as he embraced the victims was real as the emotion in the images of him holding people in pain is palpable.

His presence in Louisiana showed our nation that even the president was stepping up to help. Bush led by example. In contrast, as flooding once again leaves Louisiana hurting, Obama is telling us to go golfing and ignore the plight of those people, which ironically are a black majority. While Louisiana is in need, Barack Obama won’t be found there but rather on the golf course.

The flooding has left 11 dead and damaged over 40,000 homes in the predominantly black community of Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes, but that doesn’t seem to matter to our first black president. Just like the Black Live Matters movement, our very first black president is proving that black lives really don’t matter unless they can be used as a pawn for chaos and division in our nation.

Obama could only be bothered to speak with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate on Wednesday between golfing and vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, The Federalist Papers reports. According to the White House, Fugate “briefed the president on the resources that have been provided to support the response and recovery.” Although Obama told FEMA to utilize “all resources available” to aid Louisiana, he didn’t feel the disaster was catastrophic enough to change his vacation schedule.

Obama arrived in Martha’s Vineyard on August 6 for his two-week vacation, so he’s had well over a week to enjoy his time there. Scheduled to return on Sunday, it’s unfortunate he can’t shave a few days off of his vacation — something most Americans only dream of. I guess “sacrifice” has never been part of the Obama vocabulary, and he proved it yesterday.

Luckily for him and our nation, he’ll have plenty of time for his golf game beginning in January when he receives his White House eviction notice. The only comfort we can take is in knowing that he got at least one appropriate parting gift before his term is up — a video that perfectly depicts his character and which lives truly matter to him, which is only his own. Sorry, Louisiana, if you want Barack Obama’s attention, another criminal thug needs to commit a crime and get shot while doing it. He’d quickly set his eyes on you then, as he’s proven before.