Here’s a bit of topical news for you. The FBI is investigating a man in Virginia, who decided to use his knives for more than just slicing open that Amazon package he’d been waiting for. Instead, he opted to try a little slice and dice on some innocent people. Maybe the Amazon shipment was late. Sadly, crime happens. On its own, not much of a “news” story let alone a reason for the FBI to investigate.

Except when the suspect was shouting “Allah Akbar” while stabbing people. Now it’s more interesting. At least to average schmoes like you and me.

Police believe 20-year-old Wasil Farooqui, who authorities have been aware of for some time, carried out the attack at an apartment complex at around 8 p.m. A male and a female entered a building when they were “attacked with a knife and severely injured,” the Roanoke County police said in a statement.

I bolded that part, because it’s rather telling. They’d been aware of him for “some time.” Methinks not because he has a mustache, though those can be creepy depending on the man who dons it.

“The male was able to fight off the attacker who fled the scene,” the statement continued. Both victims were later transported to nearby hospital.

According to ABC News, Farooqui traveled to Turkey in the past year and may have attempted to sneak into Syria, where the Islamic State is recruiting and inspiring sympathizers around the world.

Okay, all good to know. He tried getting into Syria. Probably to sell standup vacuum cleaners. Or boxes of Thin Mints…

Witnesses later told police they heard Farooqui yell “Allah Akbar” during the stabbing. Upon learning that detail, local authorities contacted the FBI…

“While I cannot discuss details of the investigation at this time, I do want to reassure the community that we are working to determine the nature of the incident,” an FBI agent said in a statement.

“Working to determine the nature of the incident…”

I’m not in the FBI or anything, so take the following with buckets of salt. But can we do a quick run through the facts for a second? Maybe us amateurs can figure out the “nature of the incident” using the pull quotes above. Put on your detective hats…

  1. His name is Wasil Farooqui.
  2. He visited Turkey and tried getting into Syria not to sell standup vacuums.
  3. He yelled “Allah Akbar” while stabbing two people.

Survey says? ISLAM! Sounds impossible, I know, what with ISIS being on the run and these sorts of Islamic incidents being exaggerated by the press. While this specific incident was–thankfully–only limited to two victims who are still hospitalized, we do have other more tragic incidents of Islamic attacks. Say San Bernardino for example. Or Orlando.

Yes, Islamic terrorism is already here. It does no one any favors to ignore it or try to hush hush those who call attention to exactly what it is. No, it’s not “islamophobic” either. Stop it.

It’s high time we addressed the real burka’d elephant in the room…